Zero VAR

Advantages of Online make APFC Panels
Eliminates heavy power factor (P.F.) penalties in your electricity bill
Releases transformer distribution capacity for additional loads
Enhances life of the transformers, switchgears and conductors by reduction in heating losses
Reduces KVA Demand and helps in Maximum Demand management
Reduction in input current drawn from Utility Company or DG Set
Improvement in voltage and effectively better production of plant
Fast payback on investment
Electricity saved is electricity generated.saves power & helps the Nation
Online’ offers a complete range of solutions
to reactive power compensation area
APFC panels ranging from 15 KVAr to 1000 KVAr.
Suitable for most industrial applications from static pumping station to heavily variable windmill power generators.
Available in both contactor switching design and also fast solid-state thyristor switching design.
Make use of various capacitors to suit the applications All PP / Gas filled MPP/ Heavy Duty MPP, based on the load / site conditions.
Solutions in case of heavy harmonic loads with suitable de-tuned reactors to protect capacitors from harmonics and also with tuned reacotors to help suppression of harmonics.
Measurement and Control with wide range of `Online’ make Microprocessor based VAR controllers with following features

  • Available for single step to 16 steps
  • Available in single phase sensing or three phase sensing
  • apable of monitoring the capacitor current and periodically testing the capacitor healthiness by its`Test mode’ feature (Optional)
  • Selectable switching FIFO, Geometric or Intelligent.
  • Built-in real time clock and KWH meter with class 1.0 accuracy (Optional)
    E.R.D.A. tested.
  • Data logging facility of important electrical parameters for 45 days.
  • The data can be retrieved from RS485/232 port (Optional)

Special capacitor duty contactors (ac6b) are used in contactor switching panels to avoid heavy inrush current and extending capacitor life. The stages are adequately protected by suitable MCBs/ MCCBs.
The panels are isolated using suitable arrangement of MCCB/ACB.

Thyristor switching APFC panels use ‘Online’ make SmarTSMs -Thyristor switching modules. These modules have zero-cross switching circuit along with microprocessor controlled safety features for over current, over temperature, over voltage etc. The switching is without any inrush current and is transient-free. Even with widely fluctuating loads, the power factor correction will happen in real time (RTPFC) due to fast switching of modules and intelligent mode of the controller.

Available in wall / floor mounted design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are compact, robust and designed for easy maintenance. Manufactured from rust proof steel, with high precision and duly powder coated. The ventilation of heat is managed by natural convection design, but forced fan cooling is also installed wherever necessary.

Applications :
Large/small industries for achieving P.F. near to unity to avoid heavy P.F. Penalties & gain rebate for better P.F. in electricity bills
Commercial complexes like office complex, multiplex, hospitals & hotels
At distribution transformer of a power utility company
At windmill generation level
Small industrial applications

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