SmarTSM (Thyristorized Switching Modules for Capacitors)

‘ONLINE’ Make “SmarTSM” is a micro-controller based intelligent Thyristorized Switching Module, especially suitable for switching delta connected power factor capacitors. The module comprises of solid-state Thyristor switch of suitable rating to switch on/off a capacitor bank. The special zero-cross switching circuit switches the capacitor without the electrical stress, avoids starting in-rush current in capacitor and avoids harmonics and power spikes generated during capacitor switching. This enables a fast switching cycle and a smooth and spike-free power quality. Each SmarTSM module has a built-in microcontroller to monitor various parameters and provide protection. Each module has its own heat-sink and temperature controlled cooling fan.

Salient Features:

  • Modular design Each module is fully integrated with its own heat-sink and cooling fan with temperature control.
  • Very easy to install. It can be wired like a contactor.
  • Each module has its own microcontroller with built-in intelligence for monitoring and protection. In addition to capacitor switching func tion, it has following additional features:
    • Seven segment LED display for capacitor current, voltage, temperature and error codes.
    • LED indications for control input/output, fan on, error & display freeze.
    • Programmable parameters: under/over voltage, over current, over temperature, fan on/off temperature and display scan time. These parameters can be set using built-in 4 keys keypad.
  • The zero-cross switching ensures a transient free, stress-less switching of the capacitor. It ensures better power quality and long life to capacitors. It also allows capacitor switching without a discharge delay.
  • Very fast switching every 500 msec
  • Suitable for switching capacitors, and capacitors with reactors.
  • Can be switched using APFC relay having either transistor or relay output.
  • Designed for critical switching application in fluctuating loads.
  • Protections against under / over Voltage, over current and over temperature.
  • Two limb Control latest technology trend
  • No Auxiliary Supply required
  • Very compact in size ( 280 (H) X 115 (W) X 180 (D) )
  • Maintenance free – long operational life because of zero wear and tear due to solid state switching.
  • Useful in APFC applications for industries / commercial complexes / Power Utilities / Windmill applications etc.


Technology Solid state switching with microcontroller based protections
Control Input 24 Vdc / 10 mA
Rated Voltage (Factory Set) 230,415,440,480,525,690 VAC
Module Ratings 10, 25, & 50 KVAr
Dimension (H) 280mm X (W) 115 mm X (D) 180 mm +/- 10%
Weight 4 kgs (approx)
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