Eco PF

Features Eco PF Eco PF+
Technology Microcontroller based intelligent PF Controller
Measurement True RMS measurement – Operates reliably even under high harmonics load
Assuming balanced load condition, it measures voltage and current on True RMS basis of one of the phases and computes the power factor
PF Setting No PF Setting required. Achieves optimum power factor from connected capacitors
Relay Programming First In First Out (FIFO) sequence
Protection Protection of capacitors by automatic disconnection in under / over voltage conditions
Switching delay 60 seconds (factory set)
Input Power Operates reliably under wide input voltage range using in-built SMPS
Alarms Low Current , Reverse CT Connections
Display Parameters
LED Indications No display 2 Digit LED display for PF
User Settable Power On, Stages On, Load Inductive / Capacitive, Trip
Parameters Maximum Stages, CT Ratio, Minimum Switching KVAr – using DIP switches
External Trip Input N/O input to disable the switching function from external contact such as thermostat,auto/manual toggle etc.
Specification Eco PF Eco PF+
Operating Voltage 70 – 270 Vac, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 5 VA
Input Current 1A / 5 A ( Factory Set)
Minimum KVAr Number of stages Settable through 5 position DIP switch
from 2.5 to 80.0 KVAr in step of 2.5 KVAr
Switching Delay 60 seconds (factory set)
Switching Sequence First In First Out (FIFO)
Stage Relay Rating 230 Vac / 5 Amp, N/O type (Contact 1-C/O type)
Operating Temperature 00 to 55 0C
Humidity (Maximum) 95% RH – Non Condensing
Dimensions (H X W X D) 96mm x 96mm x 125mm
Weight 500 gms.

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