Auto Var

Features Eco PF Eco PF+
Memory Stores parameters and data in reliable e2prom memory
Input Power Operates reliably under wide input voltage range using in-built SMPS Separate auxilary supply
Measurement True RMS Measurement of V,I, VAr of three individual phases and computes cumulative required VArs.
Switching Programmable Required KVAr (Lag/lead)
Three Switching modes: 1) FIFO 2) Geometric (1:2:2, 1:2:4 etc.) 3) Intelligent
In intelligent mode, KVAr requirement is assessed in one scan cycle and all required stages are switched on/off at a time intelligently
Suitable for both Contactor Switching and Thyristor switching
Settable switching delay from 0.5 seconds to 120 seconds
Any stage can be set as permanently ON / permanently OFF / Auto
Programmable Paramet Required KVAr, Switching Delay, Maximum Stages, CT Ratio, Minimum Switching KVAr, Under/Over Voltage Limits, Switching Sequence
Stage Mode: On/Off/Auto
Stage KVAr: KVAr of individual stage independently settable for intelligent switching mode
CT Ratio Programmable 1 to 1000
Display 16 x 2 LCD Display
Power Factor-3 ph, Phase/ Line Voltages-3 Ph, Line Currents-3ph, KW, KVAs, KVArs (Lag/Lead), Frequency
Stage on Indication 16 x 2 LCD Display
LED Indications Power On, Load Lag/Lead, Trip
Alarms Low Current, Reverse CT Connections
Protection Protection of capacitors by automatic disconnection in under/over voltage conditions
External TripWhy AutoVARs N/O input to disable the switching operation from external contact such as thermostat, Auto/Manual toggle etc.
Displays various electrical parameters to economize on instrumentation cost and also helps in
Communication diagnostics
No C/K Setting required
MODBUS with RS-485 / RS-232 (Optional)
Additional Features
Real Time Clock In-built Real Time Clock with battery backup
Power Analysis Monitoring and logging of various electrical parameters (V, I, PF, KW, KVA, KVAr, of all three phases, Frequency, KWH) at programmed interval on continuous basis
Memory storage of upto 2160 records
Data can be retrived on RS-485 port
KWH Meter In-built KWH Meter of class 1.0 accuracy z ERDA Tested
Additional Features
Capacitor Bank Unique TEST MODE to locate 1) Low KVAr Output 2) Imbalance of 3 phase currents due to
Healthiness oose connection, Healthiness damaged wire, worn out contacts or blown fuse.
Measures capacitor currents in all three phases
Display and retrivable storage of V,I, KVArs, Frequency for individual stage
Specification Auto Var Auto Var+ Auto VARC/C+
Operating Voltage 170-270 Vac, 50 Hz
Maximum Power 10 VA
Input Current 1 A/5 A (Factory Set)
Stage Relay (In case of
Contactor switching)
230 Vac / 1 A, N/O
Stage Output (In case of Thyristor Switching) 10-30 Vdc / 20 mA
Load CT Ratio 1 – 1000 (Programmable)
Capacitor CT Ratio NA
Input Voltage R-Y-B-N Three Phase
Load CTs 3
Capacitor CTs NA
Minimum KVAr 1 to 100 (Programmable)
Required KVAr Setting 0 -200 (Lag/Lead) (Programmable)
Number of Stages 8,12,16
Switching Delay 0.5 to 120 Seconds (Programmable)
Switching Sequence First In First Out (FIFO)
Geometric – 1:2:2:
- 1:2:4:4:
- 1:2:4:8:8:
Intelligent – Facilitates usage of unequal stages with optimized switching time delay
Memory NA 2160 Records memory (Available only with “+” Model)
Communication NA RS 485 with MODBUS (Available only with “+” Model)
Operating Temperature 0 to 55 C
Maximum Humidity 95 % RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension 144mm x 144mm x 125 mm
Weight 1300 grams
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