About us

Online Micro Controls specializes in development of products and solutions for Reactive Power Control in industrial as well as commercial applications. Our directors, having a vast experience and know-how in the fields of electrical, electronics and microprocessor based technology, founded this company in the year 2001.
Taking on a challenge of designing and manufacturing specialized products with completely indigenous technology, we first developed a microprocessor based Earth Fault Indicator with a self-reset feature.
During the course of years, we have focused more on reactive power control and developed Current Sensing Controllers, VAR Sensing APFC Relays with data logging facility, Thyristor switching modules for capacitor switching and also complete VAR control APFC panels from 20 KVAr to 500 KVAr
With our wide experience and know-how of the industrial field and also in-house product development capability, we are able to develop new products which are technologically advanced and yet economical. Also we are able to support our products 100% due to zero dependency on borrowed or collaborated technology.
We believe that “The only thing constant in this world is – Change!”. Our development work is a continuous process. We also incorporate changes and features based on our users’ needs and feedback from time to time. This has enabled us to make user friendly and hassle free products for our customers.
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